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The demand for interim executives has risen significantly in the last decade and represents a major shift in the way companies think about their executive-level needs. Companies now view interim hiring as a short-term business solution that offers long-term gain, while many experienced executives now regard interim work as a challenging and rewarding career option.

Businesses today generally run leaner at a management level, with constant demands for change to adapt to market shifts. A seasoned executive in place over the short term can help them navigate organizational change, address critical issues and challenges, fill a gap created by a retiring or absent executive, or provide senior-level expertise to lead major projects and initiatives. They are there to make a difference from day one, imbed best practices and leave a legacy of improvement.

Odgers Interim expertise includes:

  • Broad and diverse network of senior executives who are committed to interim work
  • Experience in interim management involving all disciplines in business, government and not-for-profit sectors
  • Wide reach nationally and globally through our established network
  • Ability to identify pre-qualified, interim executive candidates quickly, usually within 3-5 days
  • Rigorous standards and methodology to ensure a match in ‘fit and talent’ (experience, skills, corporate culture and chemistry)
  • Commitment to ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients, their culture and market environment
  • Close working relationship with our clients throughout both the candidate selection process and during the assignment to ensure a successful achievement of objectives

For more information see our website: www.odgersinterim.ca

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Jason Peetsma
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Jane Matthews

Jane Matthews
Advisor, Odgers Interim Canada Toronto

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